In the interests of our customers, we try the products as soon as possible to deliver. The following table shows the times are listed, it takes from your order until you leave our establishment. The data apply to Standardoligonucleotide. Usually we have all offered modifications in stock. Should this not be the case, we ask for your understanding of a delayed delivery.



DNA oligonucleotides, desalted order before 12:00 clock

on the same day

DNA oligonucleotides, desalted order after 12.00 clock

the next day

Purified DNA oligonucleotides HPLC

the next day

DNA oligonucleotides, double-HPLC purified

after 2 working days

DNA oligonucleotides, PAGE purified

after 4 working days

RNA oligonucleotides, PAGE purified

after 5 business days

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