The company produces high quality PURIMEX DNA and RNA oligonucleotides on behalf of customers. We specialize in the production of:

· DNA up to a chain length of 150 bases

· RNA oligonucleotides

· Complex modified oligonucleotides

· Antisense phosphorothioates

· Dye labeled probes

The founder Dr. Gerd Kotzorek can draw on more than 30 years experience in the field of synthesis and purification of oligonucleotides. After studying chemistry in Göttingen graduate and he received his PhD in the group of Prof. Eckstein at the MPI for Experimental Medicine. In 1991 he founded with 2 other scientists the company NAPS Göttingen GmbH, a DNA / RNA synthesis Custom provider. Under his leadership, the company has quickly developed into a worldwide known in the art quality supplier of oligonucleotides. Two years after the merger with the Institute of Bioanalysis GmbH (IBA GmbH) Mr Kotzorek left the company and in 2001 founded the company PURIMEX.

Our company philosophy is:

Only a satisfied customer is a regular customer

The Fa. PURIMEX is keen to tie customers as long as possible. Unlike many other companies, we do this not by means of fixed contracts, but we are trying to convince users that it pays to work with us. Ten good reasons to choose PURIMEX:

· Starting price 23 cents / Base

· Consistently high quality

· Very large product range

· Qualified personnel

· Expert advice

· Fast delivery times

· 35 years of experience

· Always available

· Top Synthesizer

· Full warranty

We would be delighted if the name is a synonym for PURIMEX:

P ermanent support

U neingeschränkte Guarantee

R eproduzierbare results

I ndividual troubleshooting

M egaschnelle Delivery

E norme product range

X tra quality

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